Quick overview of the NA competition

Today the group draws for worlds were rolled out and of course there has been mixed opinions on the chances that the various teams face in their perspective groups, however today we’ll discuss the the teams that made it to the North American bracket for worlds. untitled

Above is the results of the League of Legends 2016 summer playoffs with three of those teams moving on to compete for the world championship. What initially confused me was that it wasn’t decided based purely on the top 3 teams since CLG ( Counter Logic Gaming) have a spot reserved in world, instead the only spot for worlds that’s secured from the Summer LCS tournament results is 1st place. untitled

All images courtesy of the esports wiki

     So in the finals when TSM beat C9(Cloud Nine) 3-1 not only did TSM secure its position in worlds but CLG automatically qualified as well. This is due to the points CLG secured in the LCS qualifiers that was held in the spring, coming first. As a result C9 and IMT (Immortals) had to duke it out in order to see who would secure the last spot for worlds. In the end C9 conquered over IMT resulting in the current roster that will attend in late October

     Tomorrow I’ll actually go over the groups that were drawn for worlds and later go over some of the teams performances that lead up to it..


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