World championship draws!

So as I mentioned yesterday the draws were announced live yesterday, the main point of which is to generate hype for the Championship. People love to look at the opposition and take bets on which teams will make it out of the gauntlet and advance from their, for instance observing which teams are paired against a nations powerhouse team.

The teams are categorized in 4 groups of 4 with only 1 team from each region allowed in a specific group, however they organize it in a specific way in order to increase the fairness then if they did a pure random draw, or in some cases have the top competing teams in the same group eliminating the competition before the semi finals even starts. draw_graphic_seeding_structure-fin_0

Above is the pool format for the draws, how a group is organized is that one team is picked from pools 1 and 3 while two teams are drawn from pool 2 randomly. The pools are organized in that the #1 teams from NA, Korea, China and Taiwan are all put in pool 1. Pool 3 has the lowest contenders form NA and Europe, as well as the two wildcard teams. For reference the wildcard teams are decided through a different tournament where the top contenders from the sidelong regions such as Oceania, or Turkey compete and the top two teams participate in the world tournament. This season the regions that are represented this year are Russia and Brazil. The largest pool, pool 2 is simply organized with whatever other qualifying teams that don’t meet the earlier requirements are dumped there and used as a mediator.


The results of said draw are shown above with Korea’s ROX Tigers, Europe’s G2 esports, North America’s Counter Logic Gaming, and the wildcard from Russia Albus Nox Luna in group A.

Group B has Taiwan’s Flash Wolves, Korea’s SK Telecom T1, China’s I May, and North America’s Cloud 9.

Group C contains China’s EDward Gaming, Taiwan’s AHQ eSport’s club, and the wildcard Brazil’s INTZ eSports.

Finally Group D starts off with North America’s Team Solo Mid, China’s Royal Never Give Up, Korea’s Samsung Galaxy, and finally the European team Splyce.

Just for reference the top teams going into this are the ROX Tigers, Team Solo Mid, EDward Gaming, and Flash Wolves. However from past experiences I feel like the crowd favorites would be Team Solo Mid and SK Telecom T1, so matches with those teams would probably be put heavily under the spotlight, as well of course as the other #1 seeded teams.


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