Worlds group stage schedule

Just to start off with it’s been a slow week, with the group stage being about 2 weeks away recent information about the main LoL esports seen could be seen as slow. However earlier in the week the League of Legends world championship schedule has been released for the group stage, keep in mind the time zone for me is set in standard central time. One tidbit of information to note beforehand is that the entirety of the championship will be held in North America, with the group stage being in San Francisco. Which would mean the timezone that the group stage will be in is Pacific time. However one nice thing about the League of Legends esports website is that it automatically adjusts to the users current timezone.

Here is the link:

The group stage will follow a double Round-Robin format, which for those unfamiliar with I will explain. Often times in sports a Round-Robin format is often regarded as the fairest system that it’s easier to set up and follow. The main purpose, especially when there are groups, is that it allows each team in a group to face off against one another in a best of 1 game. With the winners in a group being decided among those who accumulates the most wins, so in this case the top eight teams would be decided by the two teams in each group which most wins. However I really don’t like best of 1 games, which I will go into more details in one of the next two updates that will consecutively follow this one today.

The last thing to note is the actual time that the group stage will be held throughout the next two weeks. The first official games will be held on Thursday September 29th from 6:30-11:30 pm, keep in mind this is central timezone. For those that the game’s start at inconvenient times there will be a rebroadcast following the next day at 9:00 am.There will be a total of 6 games a day, with the same format of being held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Picking up again on the 6th of October and finally ending on the 9th, there will be a total of 48 games.


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