Foreign team discussion #1

maxresdefault   With the free time till the actual world championships starts I’ve decided to take the time to discuss some of the foreign teams competing. This is an opportunity to learn about the foreign teams that we might be unfamiliar with, as a result we can maybe form more accurate predictions and derive some more enjoyment from the whole thing. Since as enjoying as it is watching the wold championships would be even better if you knew who the two teams at the end were ahead of time. So the first team of 3 that we’ll be talking about are the Chinese teams EDward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and I May.968916c3f31f5b3b2af871d30a6da19e-8094572814a2bff62d271b8b349c94da

The first thing to discuss is that LPL is the Chinese version of LCS that determines a current regions top teams. So with that we’ll discuss the team that placed first in the LPL during the summer split, EDward gaming. Which was the result of an incredibly dominant performance for the entirety of the summer split, but first their roster.roster1

EDG was a team that started in the 2015 season and made it all the way into the quarter finals for worlds, however when the spring split for 2016 started they reminded everyone that they were a one of the top teams in China. The second place in the spring split was due to a 1-3 loss in the finals against Royal Never Give Up, however they’re overall performance was solid with overall score of 12-4. What’s incredible is that in the summer split they went from  a top contending team to becoming the dominant team with a track record of 16-0, they went undefeated even having a rematch in the finals against Royals where they continued their streak going 3-0. Of all the current teams in China EDG probably has the best shot at winning if their streak of dominance can carry out into America. Speaking of which lets look into their closest rival Royals.4409cd9c5018c457cab540133f300d1a-a1a05e57d9dbed0a87f66a08ebefa736

Royal Never Give Up is by no means a pushover team keep in mind they placed first for the spring LPL split and placed second during the summer. One thing to note is also their team composition.roster-2

Looper and Uzi are players that I’ve each heard of before and I even remember Uzi being one of the players competing for the season 3 world cup against SKT. Even then he was the competing ADC for Royal’s rather positive performance that season. Even though in the end SKT prevailed it shows some of the talent and the requirement of skill that the team Royal Never Give Up sets for pro players.

All the art used to show the teams can be found here:


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