Ivern’s potential impact on the LoL scene

Yorick received a relatively recent update which is why most were taken by surprise when he was almost immediately followed up by the tease of a new champion.paxp-deije This one a full on support styled jungler called Ivern, the Green Father.who-said-pacifism-isnt-deadly

Yorick will be disabled for the patch that will be played on worlds, along with Ivern not even being put live into the current patch of the game yet. It would be a rather safe claim to say that he wouldn’t see any play for the entirety of this world championship. However it doesn’t prevent us from asking what kind of impact he’ll have on the competitive scene when he hits the live update.maxresdefault

There have been plenty of champions that hit the game running, while others flop and need the nurturing support of Riot to be successful, so in particular what makes Ivern different? Well for starters he’s the first champion built to be a support character built around the jungle, recently in esports supports have been known for roaming, while jungles have been known for aggressively supporting their team behind either a tank or a carry. Ivern has several new mechanics to help with his introduction into the League, never having to fight jungle camps and being able to create bushes are features completely new to League. Even if he does start off weak I’m sure Riot will take the necessary steps in order to give him time in the spotlight, and following that we can see how teams grow around him as a champion.ivern-collage-640x360

He’s currently on the public test realm (PBE), however it usually isn’t a good indicator as to whether a champion will have a strong impact on the meta game. All we can do is speculate as to how higher level players can use every bit of his ingenuity at their disposal. maxresdefault-ivern


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