Updates with recent occurrences

With only 4 days away from the start of group stage you would expect either stagnancy or a steadily increasing flow of hype, well depending on where you frequent it depends, however with the reveal of a new champion and the hinting of a new world championship song most players can’t help but feel some of the excitement vibrating in the air.

What I’ll be covering in this update is something of a recent change but is still pretty relevant to the league competitive scene, the world championship songs that are a flagship to the rapid expansion League has made into becoming a mainstream media platform. They first started this in 2014 marking the season 4 world championship with a song performed by the world renown band Imagine Dragons,  it was called “Warriors” and as of today it’s pulled in 57,676,451 views.warriorswallpaper4

I’m unable to post the video so here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmI_Ndrxy14

The music video makes several heavy handed towards the league competitive scene, depicting the journey of a pro player and all the strife and victory that comes with it. Even with that the song stands out for those that listen as a tune that reflects competition as a whole and the work put in to become a champion, or a Legend. Several times I’ve heard people listen to the song and describe their fondness for it, or how they can relate it to a sport such as football, and are usually supervised when I mentioned it’s origins. However the next championship song that released a year later was performed by Niki Taylor, and was titled “World’s Collide” and currently sits at 7,828,885 views. About 8 million views is a rather large amount but when compared to the almost 60 million views the song made a year before it you can’t help but notice a difference.

One possible reason for the large marginal decrease in views could simply be placed in the fact that Imagine Dragons is already a well established and very popular band, and they simply reinforced the popularity by performing it onstage during the 2014 world championship. It seems that Riot made a similar assumption and reached out to another prominent artist in the music industry. The image below is a teaser for a song simply titled “ignite” and will be performed by zedd.safe_image.php.jpg

The song is scheduled for a release on the 26th of this month, so it should be out tomorrow. What to look out for though is if it’ll gain the same traction into the foothold of the media industry as “Warriors” did.



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