Last update before the group stage commences


So since the last update the Zedd song was released followed quickly after by a lot of hate towards it, and soon after people came round to liking it. Currently the music video pulled in 5,041,868 views, how well received it’ll be seen looking back on it is still uncertain, however I personally enjoyed the song as a rather fitting way of looking back on past tournaments. Besides that there was a lot of attention towards the owners of the basketball team the 76er’s buying both Apex and Dignitas, with the intention of using Apex’s LCS spot to put in and market the former benched team Dignitas. The outcome of which is still uncertain but there is a lot of speculation and some confirmation as to who will be placed in team Dig. Two of the confirmed players are the no longer former support Xpecial and Keane confirmed for the mid lane.


With the group staging of Worlds kicking off tomorrow there’s excitement in most League related forums, lots of speculating and trash talking all around, especially with some of the lineup’s set for tomorrow. From tomorrows games people can’t help but set that as a basis for the next consecutive weeks games, and maybe base their prediction on who will win worlds off it. Upsets, bandwagoning, fangirling, sometimes I feel that the with the temperatures dropping with the oncoming season people bring the heat into the oncoming games. For all of the clashing and boasting time’s like these help people feel part of a collective whole, and it reminds me of why I love this game, with the amazement that comes with realizing how far it’s come, to numbers that an NBA representative can say “more people watch the League of Legends world championship than the BCS national championship”ctr0rkmusaa3bpn

With me venting my hype out of the way time to ignite some more by pointing out some games to keep an eye out for tomorrow. So when I watched the LPL finals I was blown away by the coordination and response times that EDG showed against RNG, though even through there dominant performance you could still pick up on the individual skill of both players for RNG showed, especially top laner Looper, and ADC Uzi. I mention this because wouldn’t you know it both teams are playing tomorrow! EDG plays against the Brazilian wildcard INTZ e-sports, if EDG shows the same teamwork and aggressive macro plays they showed during the LPL they’ll most likely have a successful time in groups. I know I’m guilty of making the same first game accusations I mentioned early, but it’s important to see how a team initially jumps into the championships. An early win can lead to a positive mentality for the team and can help them gain momentum to slam into the top contending spot. intz-vs-edg

The next game to keep an eye out for would be TSM vs RNG for similar reasons stated above, however it’s important to note that for RNG the intention is flipped. In the LPL finals RNG only had a consistency in their miscommunication and somewhat poor choices, against TSM they have a chance to show that they can overcome some things buy dominating over the number 1 NA team. Chinese teams aside another game that would be of interest would be ROX tigers vs Albus Nox Luna, to see how the wildcard team faces against a top seeding Korean team. They’ll certainly be the underdogs in this match up so we’ll see how they fare. roxvs-anxuntitled


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