day-1-results     With day 3 of the League of Legends group stage closing out there’s already been massive upsets and heads turning at the incredible talent players have performed these past 3 days. Some of the teams I’ve been keeping my eye on in particular would be the two wildcards teams that made it out of the qualifying tournament, Russia’s Albus Nox Luna, and Brazil’s INTZ. That brings me to the first point of interest that happened day one the match of ROX vs ANX had a very interesting early game, for the first 10 or less minutes I believed ANX had a very real chance of winning a game versus what some believe to be the #1 team in the world. ROX tigers had a poor early game and ABX capitalized on that, the problem that developed though was that all their attempts at aggression came out forced to the point that ROX turned the game around through sheer out performance. However ANX was able to scratch a win off CLG a team that’s considered the #2 region in NA, showing that they have the prowess to be a real threat to those that they play against in the group stage. anx-vs-rox

The next game of interest and would soon be called the greatest upset in this tournament would be INTZ vs EDG a team that’s rated #2 in the world. Which was why the match came to be such a turn stopper, INTZ gave a very strong performance against EDG eventually gaining a significant gold lead and closing out the game. The results of the game threw people into dispensary, churning out wild accusations right and left as to who could be the best team and who was wildly falling out of favor. I’m sure ROX lost some points off peoples tier lists, while INTZ gained a massive amount, which is why it came to some peoples disappointment when they lost their next match to H2k. edg-vs-intz

The North American region has been doing pretty fair so far in their regions, C9 managed to pull a victory from the Flash Wolves in what would be the longest game of this tournament so far. The main victory could be chalked up to Impacts presence and Meteo’s late game initiations, as well as some fumbles on Flash Wolves part since their overall play could be seen as rather passive. The other NA team TSM has also been doing well, currently 2-1 and tied with 2 others in their group TSM managed to win against teams Splyce and Samsung Galaxy. Their only loss is attributed to RNG which for that game showed a lot of promise and atonement to their fumbles in the LCK finals against EDG.  tsm-vs-rng

With that being said it seems that the first day started off with a bang and theirs been a consistent amount of entertainment following that. Teams such as SKT and the ROX tigers remain undefeated for group stage with their MVP’s Faker and Smeb being rated as the top 2 players in the world. The 4th day is no exception, it seems the gas just won’t let up with INTZ playing against AHQ to see if the team can show as much promise as they did that first day. This won’t only be INTZ’s test since EDG, ANX, and C9 try and see if they can fit another win under their belt in order to comfortably slide into the number 2 slot for their group. Teams ROX and SKT also play that day and many will watch to see if they continue their streak of dominance, overall this years group stage has lived up to many expectations and may only grow as we progress onto the final world stage. day-4-roster


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