A pick and ban order that could be seen as somewhat arrogant on ROX tiger’s part

Arguably the top two teams in the world were both stricken with their first losses in the group stage, what was even more surprising was that it was a day that had a surprising string of upsets. The first win that triggered a twinge of appeal was the match of Albus Nox Luna vs G2, where the Brazilian team that seems have won the hearts of many fans so far conquered over the only team that’s secured a singular win for Eu. However this was merely an appetizer for what was to come of the next match with CLG vs ROX, most considered CLG that was down but not out due to recently suffering a loss to the aforementioned team ANX. What followed was an incredibly well performance of incredible early game aggression against the Chinese Rox tigers, which they recently seem to be suffering against this tournament. CLG managed to carry this tempo despite some resilience on the side of ROX, where they showed their mid game prowess that’s managed to carry them out of the two potential losses they faced this weekend.

huhi turn around.png

Huhi performing a turn around on Pray in a situation that might otherwise be him getting caught out.

The next game was equally surprising, SKT1 a team that’s the current defending two time world winning champions losing to Flash Wolves. The surprise wasn’t simply due to SKT1 losing their first game for this world tournament but rather losing to a team that seemed to many to be under performing, being at 0-2 before their triumph over the world champions. Funnily enough Flash Wolves is a team that’s well known for consistently winning out against Korean teams, and this victory further cements the statistic among esports fans. This is a game I plan to watch later in order to really see what went wrong, since at the time I missed a majority of it.


Funnily enough 2 games with back to back Auerlion Sol’s, both end in upsets

       The League of Legends group stage kicked off with a start that’s summarized by many as wild, or more commonly and less politely referred to as a clown fiesta. Next week the set up for worlds changes up a bit, every day features another group where each team plays 3 games within their own group to help cement the top 2 for each. So they’ll be rematch’s abound and further differentiation in the meta since teams have time to analyze and contemplate earlier performances, so there’s certainly room for more mayhem.


Example of the new format starting this Thursday on 10/6/16 


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