Group stage is finally over and what an exciting showing it has been, a team that has been widely regarded as the weakest in the league has resulted in making it out of groups paired with a team that’s ranked by many as the first. Including both an Eu and an Na team making it into quarter finals after the performance both regions showed last week. However with the upsets there were some expected outcomes with teams like SKT1, Samsung Galaxy, and ROX Tigers each pulling 5 wins, reaching the #1 spot for their prospective groups. However moving onto the actual quarterfinals starting up this Thursday, we finally move onto a best of five format with the teams divided into two groups of four. The resulting teams move up in a bracket until we find this years League of Legends word championship team.


The bracket for worlds

After the groups were drawn the Pick’ems were also unlocked, there’s always some excitement that follows in between worlds and groups however many couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming difference in strength between the first two groups duking it out and the bottom two. With the strongest teams being blown out of the water at the get go, and Samsung being the Apex between C9, H2k, and ANX, most are ready for the expected outcome. Assuming this there’s a good possibility that most peoples Pick’ems look as follows.


Predictable is often seen as boring

Predictability doesn’t mean a lack of entertainment it just means that there needs to be some shake up in the scene to escape this lull in which all the top predicted teams to take the crown goes to Korea. That’s what everyone would like to see though it’s incredibly unlikely, the end result is just a culmination of various different points of conflict along the way. If I wanted to be slightly hopeful and predict a worlds tournament event that’s not completely out there but still find incredibly entertaining we could see some variation of the turnouts below.


There could be some variation of the in between and starting matches 

There’s been a lot of hype going around about Albus Nox Luna and I would like nothing else than to see the explosion resulting people riding the Russian hype train. However the predicted outcome is something if it did happen many could say they saw it coming the days the lots were drawn.





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