Moving onto semifinals

Last post I mentioned how the League of Legends world series had a predictable quarter finals event, yet could still be entertaining with some turn arounds here and there. What ended up happening was a complete stomp on all sides, with the only match up going past three games being ROX Tigers Vs EDward Gaming. The match up was one that generated a large amount of hype since it could be considered a dream match up of possibly Korea’s strongest budding heads against China’s strongest. Yet what we received was two games of early game excitement followed by consecutive systematic close outs on the part of the ROX Tigers. Then one game in between where EDG’s ADC Deft played a strong performance that contributed to their prevention of being 3-0’d, which might’ve  fanned the flames of hope that EDG fan’s held for this world series but was again put out by the boot of ROX. Which isn’t to say that these games were boring, or even poor quality, the ROX Tigers showed they deserved this win with their exceptional team performance and ability to close out a game.


ROX closing out a match up that felt rather one sided

The other games could be seen as somewhat expected, SKT1 sits happily with their crown as RNG is left behind in the semifinals. Now the only tremor of unappealing I had with that BO5 is that RNG didn’t put up a stronger performance as I had such high aspirations for them after they showed some improvement after the LPL. The distaste is in a similar vain to watching TSM lose out of participating further in the finals, yet was somewhat expected.scoreboard

Speaking of expected outcomes the bracket results are now officially locked in and the PickEm’s for the Knockout stage are steadily progressing in points. Purely by basing off your decisions which teams have had a stronger showing you could make an accurate decision as to what team will overtake the other. The result is that 52% percent of people have been completely accurate for the Knockout stage while only 1 player is still 100% accurate for this worlds series since fiests that was groups stage.


Unfortunately I chose a outcome that was a bit more entertaining, and trying my best not to discredit the wildcard team

Sadly I didn’t get to participate in the group stage Pick’Ems, and as mentioned above I chose Albus Nox Luna over H2k despite the incredible upswing they performed for the second week of group stage. Simply torn between a team that’s proven to be solid and a team that’s been the underdog for the tournament I decided to choose based purely off what seemed more entertaining and boarded the Russian hype train, it crashed.


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