Predictions for the semi finals

Now presumably my predictions in the past haven’t been exactly accurate, yes the two Chinese teams that I egged on along with everyone else made it into the Knockout Stage. However they were quickly put into star match ups that resulted in a rather one sided that ended favorably for the Koreans. Showing off both SKT1’s clean performance and the ROX Tigers dominance that lay their claim to fame.


The final game that resulted in RNG’s knockout

So with the upcoming match up many consider SKT1 a shoe in for this years worlds yet again,yet they face some strong opposition in their fellow Korean teams ROX and SSG. The probable outcome is that we see a finals bracket that comes straight out of the LCK. With that in mind SKT has shown a history of defeating both ROX and SSG 2-0, again leading to the conclusion that SKT has a favorable chance of taking the world cup.


Here we can see the LCK performances, taken from Leaguepedia page

The predictability in the outcomes for these worlds matches coming into the Knockout stage has been an issue to some, not that it’s mainly boring but it serves as some form of deterrence when you see a constant influx of Korean teams enter the finals and the same Korean team for the 3rd time in a row walking out with the cup. If next years worlds series has the same outcome as the ones in the past that could potentially  be a sign of stagnation. Just for the sake of mentioning it I mean no ill will when mentioning the desire for a shakeup, seeing teams trying their hardest and succeeding doesn’t mean I want to see their dreams crushed. Every one wants to be a winner and in a game like League there has to be a losing team, it encourages growth and friendly rivalries. Yet when lighthearted intentions turn towards hate and not merely being happy with having fun along the trail of winning, then there’s a problem.


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