H2k vs SSG analysis on game 1

After the games showcased the previous days there were some high hopes coming into this game. Even though people jokingly refer that the “gap is closing” H2k put up a strong performance coming into week 2 of group stage and transitioning into the semi finals. Their opponent Samsung Galaxy had some slight hiccups in the group stage but showed an overall very solid performance that Koreans teams at the highest level are known for. So all jokes aside there was some hope that the series could go into a fourth or even a fifth game. game-1-chart

Lets go into the series of events chronologically, game one is a prime example of the first game setting the tone for the whole series. Now H2k comes out swinging with a tactic that many Korean teams seem to be caught off guard by, early aggression. Now why does it seem that when a team is backed into playing against a professional Korean team they fall into relying on early game dominance in the laning phase. Well if you were to simply call a League of Legends team Korean then they already have an ounce of credibility. Many see the LCK as a gauntlet where the best of the best are weeded out amongst the other aspiring talent yet to take root. Worlds is an exciting event that many come to watch, yet if you looking for potential talent and looking for high level consistent players duking it out you could just watch the LCK split. This is partly why thinks like the “Korean Exodus” occurred,  that’s the opinion that most seem to have anyway, teams such like H2k are no exception simply playing to their strengths and capitalizing on the early game.


We’ll use this snapshot of the first game for reference

If you pull out a lead in the laning phase that can often snowball into a victory, often times in solo que this is the case, the only way to lose being throwing the game in numerous back to back bad calls. Korean teams are often credited with incredible team play ability leading into other things such as, map presence, objective control, and closing out the game. As often said “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”, even when behind you can never count them out since things are never as bad as it seems for them. For the entirety of the game H2k was always ahead in kills, sometimes by 1 number but often times by either 5-7. Yet the kicker is that even with this kill lead SSG was always in the lead game wise.If you simply look at the image above and view the kills and deaths divvied up between H2k, you would assume that they’re winning. Then take a closer look, you see the large CS differential to SSG’s key players, you even notice Crown is on Viktor, how did that happen? After which you see dragon control that SSG had that game, 2 Earths and a Fire to give a good mix of damage and objective control that makes sure SSG will take whatever they feel like. The coup de grace is the baron that SSG currently control, further cementing their win. It then becomes all too clear as to why SSG won this game, and why the finals shows promise for becoming a spectacle that’ll possibly rival the previous semi final bout.


Suffice it to say the other games didn’t fare so differently



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