SSG vs SKT1 Games 1-2

The final showing was a match that I’d highly recommend anyone to check out if they missed any of it. Next post is where we really crack down into the thick of the excitement that everyone’s excited about. As usual people came into the first game to judge the rest of the competition and Riot did a good job of leading up to it. The first few minutes of the game had everyone watching with baited breath trying to spot who would gain first blood, and there were some very close calls at the start. There was even a moment where SSG Crown gained a 1v1 kill versus SKT Faker, planting the idea that This wouldn’t turn into the 3-0 stomp that many casters at the time where speculating it would be. Hell the consensus was that since SSG was still a strong team they could manage to pull out one win.


SSG might have been the crowd favorite but the general community agreed with the casters

Sure enough SKT met all the expectations that were set out for them, gaining smaller leads and turning them into huge advantages such as a 10k gold lead that was often seen. SKT showed an overall very dominant prescence that they’re well known for, showing the precision it takes to be the 2 time world champions that they’re known for. With that game came the fitting expectation that SKT could possibly pull a 3-0 sweep again against a team in the world finals similar to their performance in 2013.


Stats for the end of game 2

Often times I talk about how for events such as this when your harsh but realistic expectations are met there’s not much enjoyment taken from it, teams like Albus Nox, TSM, and Rox (one of these things is not like the other)  were the crowd favorites coming in but got snipped at the bud. Game 3 is where Samsung Galaxy had to show some fight.


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