SSG vs SKT game 3 first half


20 minutes into game 3 and things do not look good for SSG

Game 3 was one that many expected to end in a clean sweep, and for the initial phase of the game it did. Above you can see a screenshot taken 20 minutes into game 3, SKT has both a gold, kill, and tower advantage. By all means knowing the methodical and punishing play style SKT performs with this would mean the games theirs and SKT is now the 3rd time world champions. Except it doesn’t. SSG galaxy may may be losing on paper but they never really get pushed back past their second tower, retaining some presence and even managing to gain multiple drakes to SKT’s 0. Mid game SKT manages to claim 2 Fire, an ocean, and a cloud drake, meaning that stat wise they aren’t too far behind.


This image doesn’t do justice to how advantageous of a spot SSG is in

From the image of the game at 20 minutes in we can see that SSG is losing all across the board except for in one section, dragon control. Almost 30 minutes into game 3 and they’ve increased the amount of dragons they gained, when they go for their second fire drake SKT pushes for baron, hoping to catch them in an awkward spot. Rather it’s SKT that’s found in an awkward position SSG Ruler has reaches a significant power spike due to his upgraded items, both the dragons and items result in a culmination of advantages that simply means he does a lot of damage. The first target Ruler chooses is also very important, targeting SKT Bang who is on jhin, the lack of mobility on the champion and surprise burst causes him to flash out of the engagement and retreat. All the while SSG Ambition helps threaten kill potential forcing a kill on SKT’s support. With Aurelion Sol help herd them out of baron SSG makes quick work of SKT Faker, eliminating whatever kill potential SKT had for that fight.

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With a 16% damaging stat boost and a finishes Muramana SSG Ruler dished out large amounts of consistent damage. The benefits of having those drakes meant that the more damaging stat items they bought the more benefits they received from the drake, mixed in with the threat of gaining Elder dragon (the benefit of which being huge) SSG has a huge chance of taking game three.



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