Final coverage on game 3

positioning      Look at the image and ask yourself, which team is in the better position? In this case it would go to SSG, you can’t see it but the SSG CuVee on Poppy is threatening to cancel whatever teleport come out from SKT Duke who’s gained a couple of kills so far into this game. The rest of SSG are contesting SKT for midlane ambition ready to go on SKT Bengi or Bang depending on who does what, and SSG Ruler and CoreJJ ready to go over the wall if need be. Even though they’re behind they utilize the (at this time) smaller benefits from the two dragons they’ve taken while SKT takes towers and are contesting for map presence.


Keep an eye out on the blue eyes

Look at the map I enlarged, do you see the numerous blue dots that are placed around SSG’s jungle? They emphasize constant vision in spots that are very informative if SKT is making a move onto their side of the map. Not yet able to gain much sight on their side of the river SSG can make a bead on the location of the members of SKT. With this information it allows them to make macro decisions without the worry of being punished too hard. As shown earlier Samsung Galaxies team composition shows clean disengage while Aurelion Sol can keep most of the siege engines at bay. This in part is what allowed SSG to never lag too far behind SKT and what propelled them onto equal footing for when the won that fight at baron 30 minutes into game three. These small incremental leads turned into a real threat and what cost SKT that game turning into a 5 game tussle.  steal

This steal by SSG Ambition is what led up to the baron that helped close out game three, a four drake powered Elder dragon is not something to take lightly and SSG were lightly contested when they went for the play on baron. For this game SSG Ruler and Ambition could be crowned MVP, however the consistent top tier performance of their teammates is also not something to take lightly.


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