Pick composition coming into game 3

This would be my third post talking about the third game of the 2016 finals, but I just can’t help myself. There’s a lot of elements that come into play for this game, one of which I touched on in the last post. Being the performance SSG Ruler showed on Ezreal, him and ambition played an incredible game for this match, with Ruler’s aggressive plays on Ezreal complementing the champions mobile kit.

Let’s first crack into the each teams compositions for this match, both teams showing champions that have often reoccurred throughout the tournament. When you look at SKT you see a team that’s focused around picking off the enemy team in a bad position and being able to burst them down, dragging this strategy out into the late game. Usually for a team that has an advantage of skill compared to their opponent this is quite easy to do. While SSG’g composition you see a team that’s in part is emphasized on the early game, snagging early advantages and carrying them into the later stages. Champions like Lee Sin are known for being early game play makers, and SSG Ambition is great at that, Aurelion Sol is better known for his ability to do early game ganks (including at lv 1), and Zyra is a very lane dominant support who’s ultimate is great form of crowd control.

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     This is where it starts to fall apart, SSG Crown tries to pull off an early game gank to try and capitalize on his early presence but his bottom lane is too far behind to join him so quickly. With SKT Bengi coming in and a nice shot from SKT Bang the gank gets turned around on it’s head. Notice how the game was fairly even at this point, the only incremental leads being top lane with a match up up against a Trundle who has a fairly easy time fighting Poppy, and the midlane where Aurelion Sol can push up quite easily against an early Orianna. Yet with their strategy going around in SKT’s favor SSG remains strong, and how they do it goes in the next update.


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