Hello! My name is Devin Garcia and this blog is a mixed result of school assignment and my own interest in League. I take no credit for any of the images and links I present, often times I link where I found them. Though a common source is often found looking up recording of previous games, and the League of legends epsorts site, found here: http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/

I hope this blog is a good entry point for those that express some interests in the more competitive aspects of League and are unsure about where to gain some general info. Also a quick note I was unable to select a Pick’Ems for the group stage, but I’ll be sure to place mine for knockout stage here. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with Pick’Ems, they’re essentially just players guessing who’ll make it and who won’t, found here: http://pickem.na.lolesports.com/en-US#my-picks/group

Finally Have my Pick’ems locked in!